**NOTE: Bifrost Review will be undergoing a major redesign in content and form to better serve the literary community and the experiences of student editors. Stay tuned in Spring 2020 for our relaunch. Submissions for reprints and craft/pedagogy essays will be open during the winter of 2019/20**


Bifrost Cover Issue 1

Issue # 1:

Table of Contents

Reprints/Editors’ choice:

Nominated by Cat Dang, Editor-in-Chief of The Tower

“Overlay” by Ariana Samaha (poetry)

“Photographic Evidence” by Ariana Samaha (poetry)

“The Nest” by E.N. Carroll (prose)

Nominated by Alexandra Madsen, Executive Editor of The Quarry

“American Elegy” after Emma Lazarus by Cosi Pori (poetry)

Story Reviews:

“Sleeping Under Stars” (University of Minnesota, The Tower)

“Offensive” (DePauw University, A Midwestern Review)

“Mouse Trap” (Gustavus Adolphus College, Razor Lit Mag)

“Sunlight” (St. Olaf College, The Quarry)

Issue Reviews:

The Quarry 2017 Issue

The Tower 2017 Issue

Ecotone no. 24

Little Fiction Big Truths 2017


Interview with CLMP communications director Natalie Mesnard

Interview with faculty advisor of Broken Plate Mark Neely